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Identifying the Success Factors of Digital Culture

The digital future is creating a transformation within companies that requires changing mindsets, newly designed work processes, and an increased capacity for innovation. In order to be prepared for the new demands of digitalization, companies need a fitting culture that promotes, develops, and embeds necessary new skills and key competencies. An effective digital culture incorporates the features that make companies successful in the digital world. In short, companies need an effective culture that allows them to master digitalization and maintain success in the future.

What’s the LeadershipGarage Benchmark Study?

The benchmark is an ongoing study which identifies indicators that a company can use to develop and establish its digital culture. Topics covered so far:

  • I:IL Index: Impactful Leadership in the Digital World
  • I:AL Index: Ambidextrous Leadership Profile
  • I:DC Index: Digital Culture Fit
  • I:AI Index: AI Fit For Leaders

Procedure of the study

Within companies, around 50 executives across departments took part in an online survey conducted by the LeadershipGarage.

All data was collected and reported anonymously so that no conclusions could be drawn about individual participants.

“Manager Barometer“ cooperation

Companies’ benchmarks are based on the “Digital Culture Fit” study which the LeadershipGarage conducted in cooperation with personnel consulting company Odgers Berndtson in the framework of the Executive Panel “Manager Barometer 2018/19”.

The online “Manager Barometer” is the largest survey of top managers in D-A-CH. The eighth annual Executive Panel includes participants from companies of all sizes and sectors, and offers one of the most comprehensive perspectives on executives in German speaking countries.

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Benchmark Report

In order to identify ways for companies to master the challenges of building an effective digital culture, the LeadershipGarage is providing “Digital Culture Fit” benchmark reports. This report gives companies a comparative overview of the state of digital culture in their organization and an understanding of how they view innovation, performance, and other key elements of a digital culture.

Exploring the data (examples)

Digitalization level: your data compared to the Manager-Barometer data set

Your company’s digitalization level, indicated by the cross, is shown in comparison with the average level of all companies participating in the original “Digital Culture Fit” study, indicated by the bar.


Digitalization level: your data compared to different sectors

The level of digitalization across various business sectors is shown, higher values indicate a higher level of digitalization. The green markings indicate sectors with highest values, red markings indicate lowest values. The last column presents your own company’s value for comparison.


Cultural characteristics: your data compared to the Manager-Barometer data set

A comparison between the average values of important characteristics of corporate culture achieved by companies in the Management-Barometer study and the corresponding values for your company is depicted in the graph below.

Values of your company that fall within the yellow range are within one standard deviation of the mean of the reference group. These imply an average value of the respective characteristic. Optimization is definitely possible. Values in the red area indicate particular weaknesses in your corporate culture compared to other companies in your industry. Optimization is desirable. Characteristics of the corporate culture that are above average for your company compared to the reference group (green area) indicate a relatively lower need for development. It should also be noted that a value in the green range only implies a comparatively well-developed characteristic, and does not necessarily mean that this characteristic is already optimally developed in your company.


Get in touch with your own data

Prof. Dr. Sabine Remdisch (Leuphana University of Lüneburg)

“The Index Impactful Leadership in the Digital World allows leaders to evaluate how well they are prepared for leadership challenges in the digital world and helps discover individual development points.”

– Prof. Dr. Sabine Remdisch
Director LeadershipGarage, Leuphana University of Lüneburg

Cody Long

“The mindsets in an organization towards innovation, relationships, and the future role of data are key factors affecting its future culture. The benchmark helps leaders asses and direct their organization’s mindset and culture.”

– Cody Long
Management and Data Science, Leuphana University of Lüneburg


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