Inside Silicon Valley:
A LeadershipGarage Experience

In cooperation with the Haufe Corporation

February, 17th-19th 2016

Learn from the Silicon Valley success story

Get inspired by the spirit and entrepreneurial culture of Silicon Valley and become part of the LeadershipGarage Experience – a three day program of learning how digitalization changes the workplace, exploring the driving factors of growth and innovation, and networking with company representatives and scientists in Silicon Valley as well as with German digital entrepreneurs.

Changing with the Times – The Digital Transformation

Digitalization is one of the biggest challenges facing companies today. The shift to digital effects company structures and processes, and creates new procedures and interfaces. Becoming a digital organization requires more than just technological investments. The transformation entails a big cultural shift, one in which key actors will be needed to promote disruption and innovation, and create dialogue across the organization. Innovation and collaboration are prerequisites for secure company growth.

The LeadershipGarage Experience kickstarts personal ambitions, provides the tools for enterprise transformations and triggers the first steps to becoming digital.

Successfully Mastering Digital Transformation in 3 Steps


1. Experience the Spirit of Silicon Valley and Beyond

The San Francisco Bay Area is seen as the epitome of innovation, productivity and inventiveness, and a role model for the future. Google, Facebook, Apple, etc., and a tremendous number of startups in Silicon Valley have led a rapid economic expansion for more than 60 years. This economic trend is still growing, and has increased the pace of innovation in the world. Silicon Valley shows how to work and live digitally, how to utilize big data, and how to be extremely successful.

  • Get inspired by the Silicon Valley success story.
  • Understand how to work and live in a digital world – “Digital is normal”.
  • Get motivated by the energy of Silicon Valley and learn from innovative entrepreneurs.

2. Understand the Driving Factors of Growth and Innovation

Silicon Valley’s special culture includes an open attitude, disruptive thinking, speed and willingness to take risks, which in turn is reflected in a richness of product and process innovations. The success story of Silicon Valley is well researched: Driving factors are digital networks, human engagement, and close relationships between business and universities. In particular, the creative interface between science and industry leads to innovation and continuous improvement.

  • Understand the drivers of change and innovation.
  • Learn about the latest research findings on digital transformation.
  • Co-create with researchers from Stanford and industry experts from Silicon Valley.

3. Leverage Knowledge and Networks for Success

Facing digital transformation, companies must constantly innovate to keep up and succeed. Digital technology creates new possibilities for work flexibility, time management, collaboration over distance and access to knowledge. However, these opportunities also represent challenges that companies have to deal with. This transformation requires a cultural shift, change agents, and leaders with a mission.

  • Be part of the change, reflect on future challenges, and benefit from knowledge transfer.
  • Extend your network, benefit from peer-learning and benchmarking.
  • Experience the value of co-creation and the combination of science and practice.

Program Highlights


Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford University

Shawnee Baughman


Remote Collaboration: See BEAM in action

Michelle Posey


IDEO: Design and Innovation Tour

Danny Stillion


Project-Based Learning Lab - immersive experiences in global teamwork

Prof. Dr. Renate Fruchter and Elena Klinkhammer


Google – The Garage

Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt


D.School Tour: Design Thinking

Mark Grundberg


Silicon Valley Inspiration: BrainQuake as an example of how the Valley works.

Prof. Dr. Keith Devlin


Disruption and Different Innovation Types

Prof. Dr. Alar Kolk


Leadership in a modern, digitally connected work-enviroment

Prof. Dr. Sabine Remdisch


Digital Disruption in the Automotive Industry: Connected Cars

Sven Strehlke


Smart Technologies in Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Prof. Dr. Frank Straube


The Future of Automobility: Work on Wheels

Danny Stillion


Leadership Self Assessment

Prof. Dr. Sabine Remdisch


New Work Quadrant – Upgrade of your organizational operating system

Stephan Grabmeier


Innovation Methods & Tools

Dr. Markus Durstewitz


Move your company to a new beat

Kelly Max


Networking Mixer


Networking Dinner


Wine & Networking

A Partnership Between Science and Business

Innovation Through Co-Creation

Co-creation means partners from different knowledge and experience fields come together to create value they could not master alone. In this way, resources are combined and focused on innovative solutions, competitiveness, and growth.

For Leuphana University of Lüneburg and the Haufe corporation co-creation specifically means linking different perspectives from science and business, exchanging ideas, and bundling competencies of the two actors.

The two partners jointly investigate the opportunities and challenges of digitalization, exchange knowledge, provide practical solutions, and implement networks and partnerships for companies that face similar challenges.

  • How does digital technology change the way we work?
  • How are digitally networked organizations set up?
  • How can business leaders lead efficiently from a distance?
  • How will our understanding of leadership change in the future?

We help companies measurably improve their performance and reach new benchmarks through digital transformation and innovation culture.

Become part of our research and participate in our Leadership Self-Assessment:

Test your „Digital Preparedness“!


Sustainability research, cultural research, education, management and entrepreneurship: Through these four science initiatives, in course work and research, Leuphana University of Lüneburg addresses the challenges of civil society in the 21st century. Research topics devoted to Democracy, Digital Media and Health, span multiple faculties, in keeping with developments of current and future relevance. Leuphana has received numerous awards for its work as a humanistic, action-oriented, and sustainable university.


“The biggest levers for economic success are people who do the right thing.” Under this motto, Haufe believes humans, not processes, are the center of entrepreneurship. Haufe provides a unique integrated portfolio of software, content, training and consulting. Over five million users in approximately 100,000 companies and organizations of all industry and size are working successfully with solutions of Haufe. Customers include Airbus, Allianz, BMW Group, Carl Zeiss, German Telekom, EDEKA, Infineon, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Siemens.

Strong Partners for Digital Transformation

Prof. Dr. Sabine Remdisch (Leuphana University of Lüneburg)

“To cope with the digital transformation, companies need to do more than to just invest in technology. Managers who can plan and implement the transformation are needed.

In an exciting program we share the results of our research, and explain how leadership changes in the digital world. Digital pioneers reveal the insights and processes companies need to master.”

Sabine Remdisch
Professor of Business Psychology
Head of Institute of Performance Management, Leuphana University of Lüneburg
Visiting researcher, Stanford University

Stephan Grabmeier

“In the first place the digital transformation is a cultural change. To understand this, one must experience and feel it. You cannot learn the dimensions of change at conferences or on PowerPoint slides of strategy consultants. The best experience is when we go into the digital wild and talk to the people who create the change. So far, every one of our customers has been enthusiastic about our innovation journey.”

Stephan Grabmeier
Chief Innovation Evangelist
Haufe-umantis AG