Inside Silicon Valley:
A LeadershipGarage Experience

March 19th–23th, 2018

Learning from the Silicon Valley success story

The LeadershipGarage Experience “Inside Silicon Valley” is an expert symposium in the heart of digital progression, Silicon Valley. The structured multi-day intensive program analyzes the challenges of the digital future through the modules “Experience – Understand – Leverage”. Thought leaders will discuss their latest research findings on innovation in the digital workplace of the future, as well as the success factors for growth and innovation in the digital age. Participants will get inspiration for the successful management of digital transformation, and have the opportunity to network with company representatives, scientists, and digital entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and Germany.

Moving with the times – the digital transformation

Digitalization is one of the largest challenges for companies today. Past structures and work processes are fundamentally changing, while new methods and interfaces are emerging. Innovation and collaboration are drivers of future growth, and technological investments alone are not sufficient for a successful transformation to a sustainable digital enterprise. There is also, above all, a need for a social and cultural shift, which requires executives to greet and promote change, innovation, and dialogue across the entire company while maintaining a productive work flow.

The goal of the LeadershipGarage Experience “Inside Silicon Valley” is to allow you to directly confront and experience this change, and to take steps into the digital future of your company together.

“Inside Silicon Valley – A LeadershipGarage Experience” is structured with a focus on four elements. These enable participants to personalize their learning and build networks before, during, and after the event.

Experience and immerse


The San Francisco Bay Area is seen as the epitome of innovation, productivity, and inventiveness, as well as a role model for economic success. Established pioneers like Google, Facebook, and Apple as well as countless startups are milestones of this enormous expansion in the last 60 years. They set trends, drive them forward, and accelerate the tempo of innovation worldwide. Silicon Valley shows us today how we will work and live tomorrow, how to extract useful insights from big data, and which paths lead towards success.

During the LeadershipGarage Experience, you will encounter the:

  • Inspiration of Silicon Valley
  • Life and work of the digital future
  • Pioneering spirit of innovative start-ups and companies such as Google


Silicon Valley’s special culture is defined by an open attitude, disruptive thinking, speed, and a willingness to take risks. The success of such a corporate culture is shown through countless innovative products and processes. Recent research has identified digital networks and personal engagement as particularly important drivers of this success. Adding to this are close partnerships between business and science, a creative intersection which leads to innovation and constant development.

The LeadershipGarage Experience helps to understand the:

  • Drivers of innovation
  • Implications of new technological developments
  • Successful co-creation between scientific and business experts


To successfully navigate the digital transformation, companies must be continuously innovative. Digital technologies create new opportunities for flexible work, time management, accessing knowledge, and team work, even over great distances. These opportunities simultaneously represent new challenges for companies: The digital transformation requires an organizational culture shift, new leadership qualities, and executives with a clear mission.

After the LeadershipGarage Experience, you will have built useful skills and:

  • Engaged in peer learning and benchmarking
  • Reflected on how you can apply what you learned to your next challenges
  • Expanded your network

Learn and reflect

There will be reflections and micro-feedbacks throughout the week. Participants will gain insights from a wide range of perspectives and make their knowledge transferable to their personal situations.

Visualized Steps
Reflect daily with a micro-feedback tool
Compare your daily reflections to your peers
Widen your perspectives


Day 1 Getting the Silicon Valley Mindset

Participants get the chance to learn about, and experience, the Silicon Valley ecosystem and how start-ups are formed. Networking events and talks allow them to personally engage expert speakers and entrepreneurs about how to be innovative in the modern digital world.

Day 2 Innovation Culture

Expert speakers, and a visit to the inspirational environment of the D.School at Stanford, will allow participants to learn about how to foster innovation through Design Thinking. They reflect together on how to best bring the unique innovative mindset back to their work life.

Day 3 Practical Insights

Through on-site visits and expert talks, participants will experience successful modern digital culture in unique innovative environments. They not only hear from experts on building digital culture, but also reflect together on the opportunities for their companies.

Day 4 Humans and Technology

Learn about the importance and opportunities of existing and new digital interfaces. Visit companies and hear from experts that are driving the future of how we interact with machines. Find out what that means for learning, empathy, and the way we do business.

Day 5 Future & Foresight

Hear about new digital trends, and what the future holds for business. Participants have the chance to talk with an expert on the trends of tomorrow. Find out more about the future of the internet, our digital footprint, and the role we will play as humans interacting with increasingly intelligent machines.

Subject to change. More highlights to be announced! Full Agenda will be provided before the event.

The LeadershipGarage – Innovation through co-creation

Co-creation means that partners from different areas of scientific and business expertise create new values. Co-creation combines these areas with the objective of achieving innovation, competitive advantage, and growth. These are the core goals of the LeadershipGarage. We bring science and practical experience together, research the opportunities and challenges of the digitalization of the professional world, enable the sharing of ideas, develop practical solutions, and create networks partnerships for businesses that are currently facing similar situations. Among our driving questions are:

How will digitalization change our working methods?
How are digitally networked organizations designed?
How can effective leadership be achieved remotely?
What understanding of leadership do we need for the future?

Design and organization of the Inside Silicon Valley Experience

Prof. Dr. Sabine Remdisch (Leuphana University of Lüneburg)

“To cope with the digital transformation, companies need to do more than to just invest in technology. Managers who can plan and implement the transformation are needed.

In an exciting program we share the results of our research, and explain how leadership changes in the digital world. Digital pioneers reveal the insights and processes companies need to master.”

Sabine Remdisch
Professor of Business Psychology
Head of Institute of Performance Management, Leuphana University of Lüneburg
Visiting researcher, Stanford University

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