LeadershipGarage Lounge

January 30th, 09:30 am–05:30 pm · Lüneburg

LeadershipGarage Lounge: Leading Innovation

How can companies achieve innovation? What are the requirements for innovation, creativity, and digitalization? Are you familiar with „Ambidextrous Leadership“ and „Digital Collaboration“?

On January 30th, 2018, you will experience the intersection of leadership and creative methodology:

The LeadershipGarage invites you to the LeadershipGarage Lounge. The Lounge offers expert contributions on our core theme “Leading Innovation” in the framework of our current research areas “Ambidextrous Leadership”, “Distance Leadership”, and “Digital Collaboration”. In addition, you will have the chance to build a useful network and the opportunity to learn about innovative, creative methods while trying them out directly. In an inspiring atmosphere, you will immerse yourself in the digital, networked world of work and gain valuable insights for creating an innovation-loop in your company- and management-culture.

Science meets Experience, Proven meets Progression, Leadership meets Methodology.