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Digital New Year

Published on Wednesday, Dec 20, 2017
by LeadershipGarage Team

The digital age is advancing – and the LeadershipGarage Team is not only looking back on an exciting 2017, but also looking forward to engaging 2018 with commitment and a spirit of discovery.

What are the prerequisites of innovation? How does the individual office of yesterday become the collaboration space of tomorrow? What makes remote leadership successful? And what are the newest innovations of Silicon Valley, the heart of the digital future? These are just a few of the questions that the LeadershipGarage Research Group has been exploring throughout 2017 - always with the aim of describing, clarifying, and implementing the success factors of leadership in the digital future.

The LeadershipGarage owes its quick and direct access to the latest findings, innovative processes, and working methods, which help companies successfully navigate digital transformation, to its close proximity to Silicon Valley, where Prof. Dr. Sabine Remdisch - head of the LeadershipGarage - has been a regular guest researcher at Stanford University for three years.

For example, this year, the LeadershipGarage dealt intensively with the concept of Ambidextrous Leadership. The core idea behind this management concept, already established in Silicon Valley but still relatively uncommon in Germany, is the ability to exploit existing opportunities while also maintaining the flexibility to explore new ones. One result of research on this topic is an online tool that allows companies to self-assess this key competency.

The LeadershipGarage has set itself to the task of providing managers with helpful “operating instructions” for the utilization and implementation of innovation methods such as design thinking in their own company. Three members of the Institute for Performance Management have recently joined Stanford d. school's “University Innovation Fellows” and thus become innovation ambassadors from Silicon Valley.

Exploring the newest innovations of digitalization is not only a focus for the LeadershipGarage, but also for those that travel to Palo Alto to join the LeadershipGarage’s expert symposium "Inside Silicon Valley". The symposium includes a systematic on-site program: Through the modules “Experience - Understand - Transfer”, participants gain exclusive insights into the work processes of start-ups and established companies in Silicon Valley. They can deepen these impressions in various theory-based sessions and use the guidance of peers and experts to match them to their individual situations. The next "Inside Silicon Valley" will take place from 19 to 23 March 2018.

Topics such as design thinking or ambidextrous leadership are naturally important for large, globally active companies, but of course, the digital future will not pass by small and medium-sized businesses. Preparing small and medium-sized businesses for the challenges of digital transformation is a core task set by the LeadershipGarage for 2018. The first kick-off event on this project has already taken place and was an example of the spirit, optimism, and engagement of the attending business representatives.

The LeadershipGarage has another exciting project in its pipeline for 2018: the Digital Leadership Lab. The idea behind this “laboratory” is to provide a space for students and companies of all industries and sizes to work together with access to cutting-edge digital tools for direct testing.

In short, we are ready for the future. We are looking forward to 2018, and the other exciting projects we have in store!

LeadershipGarage Team

Author: LeadershipGarage Team

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