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The LeadershipGarage-Lounge 01/2018

Published on Monday, Feb 19, 2018
by LeadershipGarage Team

Around 120 experts from science and business attend the 2018 LeadershipGarage-Lounge on January 30th and find a unique, interactive congress format: the “experiential lounge”.

The new Libeskind building of the Leuphana University of Lüneburg fills up quickly on the morning of January 30, 2018, as guests enter the engaging atmosphere of the Leadership Garage Lounge. The arriving participants, around 120 people, are project and network partners, as well as parties interested in learning more about the LeadershipGarage, invited by the director, Prof. Dr. Sabine Remdisch, and her team.

The theme of the event has been set for months - but how the day will be organized becomes clear from the unique atmosphere. With the theme of "Leading Innovation - Leadership in the digital world", the LeadershipGarage team not only focused on the content of this event, but also on creating a very innovative event format: Contrary to what the term "lounge" might suggest, every participant in this lounge is also a co-creator of the innovation that lies ahead of them.

Experimental and interactive: Prof. Dr. Sabine Remdisch opens the LeadershipGarage Lounge 2018.

Participants are already engaged with the first interactive element when taking their seats. After a short introduction to the theme of the event and today's agenda, Prof. Remdisch refers to the cardboard box that every guest has in their hands, and in which there is a mug with a chalkboard finish. In pairs, neighbors now turn towards each other in order to ask about their most innovative moments in a brief exchange and then visualize this moment on the cup. Ten minutes of excited murmuring and laughing - and 120 empty cups can be turned into 120 "Personal Lounge Cups" in no time at all.

The "Personal Lounge Cups" were the first interactive element of the LeadershipGarage-Lounge.

And with this interactive energy, participants now begin the intensive congress program: After a short refreshment break, a review of study results on the concept of Ambidextrous Leadership is followed by a perspective-switch to a panel discussion of prominent corporate experts.

“Leading innovation: From practice for practice”: business experts in the stimulating panel discussion: Jan Balcke (Airbus), Dr. Stefanie Krauß (Audi), Christian Holz (DB), Prof. Dr. Sabine Remdisch (LeadershipGarage), Maria Kösterke (AOK), Sascha Ullrich (Commerzbank), Dr. Annette Freitag (Federal Employment Agency).

In Silicon Valley, according to Prof. Dr. Sabine Remdisch, during the panel discussion, people always want to know things really are. In the Valley you don't just ask "How are you?", but "How are you, really?!" And it was in this spirit that the participants of the Lounge not only receive a vague, theoretical idea of what leadership in the digital future could mean, but also a very concrete and tangible insight into the aspects of "leading innovation" - as it is today and will become in the future.

The discussion is followed by a 90-minute Design Thinking Session led by the University Innovation Fellows, Hannah Vergossen, Christian Otto and James Long, followed by insights from a coffee & talk session with exhibitors IBM and Playroom. The lounge concluded with over 100 paper-airplanes flying through the air, each having the participant’s learning experiences or surprises from the day.

The experimental concept of the interactive LeadershipGarage-Lounge has been a great success!

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The LeadershipGarage-Lounge is an event of the LeadershipGarage Team in cooperation with its corporate partners and the H-STAR Institute of Stanford University as sparring partner.

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