Leadership in the Digital World

Companies Need New Digital Culture – Today’s workplace is being transformed by new technologies, creating the need for an innovative, digitally focused company culture. Leaders must be equipped to drive this change and enable employees to successfully navigate digital transformation.

Connecting Theory to Practice – Creating a successful innovation culture requires both scientific research and practical experience. The LeadershipGarage brings together university researchers and business experts in order to study the success factors of the modern digital workplace.

Leadership Research, Garage Atmosphere – By capturing the innovative, agile atmosphere of start-up garages, the LeadershipGarage enables leaders to share and cultivate ideas together. Networking and knowledge sharing are key to preparing for new challenges.

Jumpstarting Companies’ Digital Future – The LeadershipGarage jumpstarts the future of companies by enabling leaders to empower their workforce and create a forward-thinking digital culture.

LeadershipGarage Blog

Digital New Year

Wednesday, Dec 20, 2017

The digital age is advancing – and the LeadershipGarage Team is not only looking back on an exciting 2017, but also looking forward to engaging 2018 with commitment and a…

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Inside Silicon Valley – Karsten Schmidt on Data-Driven HR

Thursday, Nov 16, 2017

Karsten Schmidt, the Head of Technology for the SAP Innovation Center, headlined a deep-dive into Data Driven HR as part of LeaderGarage’s Inside Silicon Valley Symposium.

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Immersion into Remote Communication – Telepresence Robots

Tuesday, Sep 19, 2017

The LeadershipGarage collaborated with Airbus’ Leadership University North America to study how Airbus executives immersed themselves in telepresence technologies with the…

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Silicon Valley – Adopting a new mindset to fuel German innovation

Monday, Sep 18, 2017

Sabine Remdisch, head of the LeadershipGarage, was recently featured in AmCham Germany, with an article highlighting the importance of adopting the Silicon Valley mindset.

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Leading Innovation with Design Thinking

Thursday, Apr 13, 2017

As part of the 2017 Inside Silicon Valley Symposium, participants had the chance to visit Stanford’s D.School to see design thinking in action.

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HR Professionals must adapt their roles

Thursday, Apr 13, 2017

In an issue of the German magazine “Personalwirtschaft” (“Human Resources”), Sabine Remdisch discusses how the role and organization of HR must change in the digital age.

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LeadershipGarage Research

Digital Preparedness

How well are people prepared for leadership tasks and work conditions in the digital world? The LeadershipGarage has built a self-assessment tool that leaders can use to reflect on the challenges of the digital world and benchmark their own digital preparedness.

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Digital Leadership

How can leaders be most effective in a modern digitally connected work environment? To understand digital leadership best practices, the LeadershipGarage is asking leaders how they bring innovative technology and a people-oriented culture together.

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Digital Collaboration

What are the needs of people in networked interactions and remote collaborations? The LeadershipGarage is studying how leadership roles are distributed across networks, and how to achieve personal, emotional, and efficient communication over distances.

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Research Approach

The LeadershipGarage studies real-world digital leadership and provides tools and solutions to leaders. Therefore, the research approach of the LeadershipGarage stresses collaboration with business and industry. The goal of this collaboration is co-creation in an innovation circle.

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LeadershipGarage Events

January 30th, 2018 LeadershipGarage Lounge

How can companies achieve innovation? What are the requirements for innovation, creativity, and digitalization? Are you familiar with „Ambidextrous Leadership“ and „Digital Collaboration“?

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March 19th–23rd, 2018 Inside Silicon Valley

Want to learn more about digitalization first hand? Take part in the ‘Inside Silicon Valley’ experience!

Our multi-day seminar, centered around Stanford’s Silicon Valley campus, gives participants the chance to:

  • Learn about success factors for the digital workplace
  • Experience an exciting and unique culture of innovation
  • Network with companies, scientists, and digital entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Find out more about our upcoming 2018 Inside Silicon Valley Symposium.

Details on our last “Inside Silicon Valley” Event. Read more